December 7, 2012

Illustration Friday - Stretch

Un dibujo para el tema de esta semana de Illustration Friday - Stretch-.
Necesito dibujar más. Me di cuenta de que estaba dibujando tan mal el mobiliario. Aquí he practicado para dibujar mejor los muebles y crear un ambiente para este niño.

A drawing for this week's Illustration Friday topic - Stretch -. 
I need to draw more. I want to get better at drawing the furniture. Here I practiced to draw better the furniture and create a background for this little boy.

Bocetos rápidos. Llegué a la conclusión que, en muchos casos, las ilustraciones se vuelven más interesantes si podemos ver los rostros de los personajes.

Quick sketches. I concluded that, in many cases, the illustrations become more interesting if we can see the faces of the characters.


  1. wonderful pencil work! I like them all, but the way the boy is holding on to the chair, & his unsteady posture in the top one makes it my favorite!

    1. Thank you, Mit! I'm so glad you noticed the unsteady posture because it was just that I wanted, to emphasize that he is about to touch something he shouldn't :)
      Many thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comment.

  2. Very nice, I like them all and find very interesting see your work in progress.

    1. Thank you! I thought I would draw a bear and finally drew a child.
      Now I noticed that I forgot to draw a handle on the closet door... :)


Thank you! I truly appreciate your comments.