April 19, 2013

Illustration Friday - Wild

fox - yara dutra firmino

I decided to draw a fox in the wild for this week's IF topic.

It was my first illustration made with dip pen and inks, and this was so much fun. Love these vibrant colors!
Now I want to try these inks in different ways: overlay different colors for optical effects, intermix them to get new colors, draw with brush...


  1. Beautiful! He looks so calm & relaxed. Love the line work & texture! So nice to see one of your foxes in such brilliant color!

  2. Me encanta la tecnica, ha salido estupendo, enhorabuena !

  3. Wonderful fox! Beautiful job with the fur and other textures!

  4. i love seeing work on the desk like this...beautiful. :)

  5. Hi Yara, i love your process of creating... with pencil, ink... always so sweet and expresive.
    i´m very glad to see your work... again. Is a pleasure to find your new illustration...
    Your world... is fantastic world!!! and i love it :)

  6. Amazing! You must be super patient, drawing all these lines! The vibrant colours are wonderful, great result. I could never tell this was a 'first timer'.

  7. me encantan todos.Me imagino que david los adora. Mi hija ten'ia 4 lobos en su casa por tres semanas. Me imagino que estas pinturas salgan muy bien en un libro para ninos.


Thank you! I truly appreciate your comments.