May 20, 2013

New tool

I'm so excited because I just got myself a wacom cintiq, and I'm getting hooked on it !
Being able to draw right on the monitor makes things so much easier; however, I need more practice to feel more natural with it and to improve my skills in Photoshop.
It was a big investment but it's worth it... It's a beautiful machine and it's fun to use!

wacom cintiq - yara dutra firmino

pig - yara dutra firmino


  1. I had been looking into getting one, too! I'm not very good with computers, but thought drawing right on the screen would be something I could handle. Still haven't made the big purchase yet, though. Have fun playing around with yours! I can already see you've totally gotten the hang of it!!

  2. Thanks Mit!
    I think you'll fall in love right away with it if you got one for you! Right, it's a big investment, as I said, but it's worth it! It makes things so easier, faster and funnier when you have a digital pen on the screen!

  3. wacom cintiq is the best but a little too pricy! I have wacom bamboo and it's doing fine! hope i can invest on cintiq soon :D
    And the illustration is just way beyond cute I loveee ittt <3


Thank you! I truly appreciate your comments.